OBSmobile: Support for Smartphones and Tablets

OBS offers a layout variant being optimized for small displays. It is activated automatically in case of a small display instead of the desktop layout. Additionally the login process is simplified: entering the user name ist not necessary any more and for many pages entering the password is dispensable as well.

Link for Home Screen

For mobile devices there is a simplified login via a login key, which opens many read-only pages directly. If you want to save any data lateron, your password will be requested for security reasons. Select some OBS starting page for your mobile device by saving one of these links on its home screen:

Start with menu

Start with schedule

Start with calendar

Start with a page of your choice
(please call the page of your choice first, then move to this page and save the link above)

Internet Calendar Subscription

Many scheduling resp. calendar apps resp. applications for PCs and mobile devices offer the feature of internet calendar subscription. Please look for the corresponding function in your calendar app/application and enter the link below as a internet calendar subscription. Android users make a detour via Google Calendar (i.e. subscribe in your Google Calendar and show it in your smartphone).

Hint: take care of the update frequency configured in your app/application in order to limit the data volume. Unfortunately there is no standard solution for this problem.

Please copy the link address behind this text and paste it into your calendar app!

Recreate the Login Key

Please use the links from this page on your personal devices only. Do not disclose the contained login key to anyone else!

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Defense of Master Thesis

Week 34     17.08.2020 - 23.08.2020
Oliver Jarosch: Benchmarking von Schema-Evolution und Datenmigration mit Multi-Model und Polystore-Datenbanksystemen Uta Störl, Peter Muth
Week 36     31.08.2020 - 06.09.2020
Jan N. Hollenbeck: On the effect of wireless communication signals on room-level localization with machine learning Elke Hergenröther

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