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Schedule for examinations

Registration and deregistration deadline both 12pm

This overview shows each course resp. exam assigned to only one study course for the sake of lucidity; in fact many modules are attached to several study courses. The complete assignment of each module to various study courses can be found in the module description.

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Study course Bachelor

Semester 1

Registration deadline
30.7104Programming 1Roth17.07.202007.09.202011.09.2020  09:00-17:00  D14/00.04

Semester 1A

Registration deadline
30.7104Programming 1Skroch / Kuczykowska03.07.202027.08.202031.08.2020  09:00-17:00  D14/00.04

Semester 1B

Registration deadline
30.7104Programming 1Stiemerling / Bender / Hitzinger / Malcherek03.07.202029.08.202002.09.2020  09:00-17:00  D14/00.04

Semester 2A

Registration deadline
30.7208Programming 2Malcherek / Block / Hitzinger03.07.202011.09.202015.09.2020  09:00-17:00  D14/00.04

Semester 2B

Registration deadline
30.7208Programming 2Roth / Mondry03.07.202005.09.202009.09.2020  09:00-17:00  D14/00.04

Semester 2C

Registration deadline
30.7208Programming 2Weber,H.P.03.07.202003.09.202007.09.2020  09:00-17:00  D14/00.04

Semester 2D

Registration deadline
30.7208Programming 2Rapp / Frömmer03.07.202031.08.202004.09.2020  09:00-12:00  D14/00.04
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