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Module:Game Development
Module number:81.2004
Study programme:Bachelor KMI 2021/2014 - Katalog M: Interaktive Medienprodukte
Bachelor KMI 2021 - Wahlpflichtkatalog KMI
Type of course:VP = Lecture with integrated Practical
Weekly hours:3
Credit Points:5
Registering for examimplicitly by booking
Frequency of offering:(lastly in SS 2022)
Learning objectives:On successful completion of these modules students shall be able to:
  • explain and use the principles of object-oriented software development to implement games across all genres
  • describe, explain the game development process and apply professional tools and toolchains along those processes
  • identify, explain, and debug possible flaws and errors in game code or game software architectures
  • demonstrate professionalism within key aspects of game development, including the underlying principles, patterns, related tools and processes, as well as implementation details.
  • demonstrate state-of-the-art knowledge and skills in selected areas of game development, enabling them to design and implement own approaches to given challenges by reflecting, analyzing, and adapting existing approaches.
  • work and communicate efficiently within the role of a game developer in multidisciplinary teams.
  • demonstrate awareness of the complete software development process in the games industry.
Content:The possible thematic spectrum of these courses is:
  • Gameplay mechanics and usability patterns
  • Advanced object oriented game software development
  • Game Engines: architectures, features and applications
  • 2D Game development principles and practice
  • Advanced computer graphics
  • DirectX, OpenGL, Shader Languages
  • Cross platform game development for mobile devices
  • Practical implementation of a complete game
  • Artificial intelligence in games
  • Real-Time character animation
  • Network games
  • Game programming physics
  • User interfaces for games
  • Browser game engines and technologies
  • Interactive cinematography implementation, game cameras and lighting
  • Stereoscopy, VR and AR games
  • Tools and technologies for prototyping and previsualization
Literature:Will be announced on semester start.
Responsibility:Prof. Dr. Martin Leissler
Released:WS 2016/2017
Offered in SS 22:Jacob

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