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Course:Project System Development
Attached to module:
Projekt Systementwicklung deutsch 30.7504
Module number:30.7526
Study programme:Bachelor 2021 - 5. Semester
Bachelor 2014 - 5. Semester
Bachelor KMI 2014 - 5. Semester
Bachelor 2007 - 5. Semester
Type of course:Pro = Project
Weekly hours:4
Credit Points:7.5
Exam:The project-specific criteria will be posted at the beginning of each project.
Registering for examimplicitly by booking
Frequency of offering:each semester (lastly in SS 2022)
Prerequisite for booking:PO 2021: -
PO 2014: The modules "Programming / Algorithms & Data Structures 1" and "Programming / Algorithms & Data Structures 2" have to be passed successfully.
Required knowledge:Project-specific knowledge from mandatory courses of the first 4 semesters.
Learning objectives:The students can work on a specific question in one of the areas of Computer Science. They are proficient in a structured approach and can present their results in an adequate form.
They apply their so far acquired knowledge and expand and deepen
  • their academic competences in at least one area of Computer Science,
  • their competences in Software Engineering and Project Management,
  • key competences, such as cooperation and team skills, presentation techniques and competences,
  • strategies for knowledge acquisition.
Content:Regarding the content, the project group will work independently on current relevant questions. The content covers the deepening and application of the knowledge of at least one area of Computer Science, as well as the deepening and application of knowledge in Software Engineering and Project Management. At the end of the semester, all projects shall be presented in an adequate way, ideally open to the university.
Literature:Will be announced in each project.
Released:WS 2014/2015
Offered in SS 22:Humm

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