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Module:Software Product Line Engineering
Module numbers:41.5024 [PVL 41.5025]
Study programme:Dualer Master 2013 - Katalog AS: Anwendungs- und systemorientierte Module
Dualer Master 2013 - Vertiefung SE: Software-Engineering
JIM 2013 - Elective Catalogue J
Master 2013 - Katalog AS: Anwendungs- und systemorientierte Module
Master 2013 - Vertiefung SE: Software-Engineering
Master 2006 - Katalog AS: Anwendungs- und systemorientierte Module
Master 2006 - Vertiefung AE: Application Engineering
MN Data Science 2016 - Katalog M-I_I: Allgemeine Wahlpflicht Informatik
Type of course:V+P = Lecture+Practical
Weekly hours:2+2
Credit Points:6
Exam:oral exam
Registering for examexplicitly and independent of booking
PVL (e.g. Practical):not graded
Frequency of offering:each winter semester (lastly in WS 2019/2020)
Required knowledge:Sound knowledge in Software-Engineering; good programming skills
Learning objectives:The students shall achieve the following skills:
  • to recognize software product lines in real-life projects and to propose appropriate solutions for the development
  • to recognize and to handle variability in projects (including analysis, design, realization and management)
  • to use advanced modeling techniques to express variability in common modeling artifacts (esp. UML diagrams
  • to implement and to model reusable software with variability
  • to transfer the techniques from product line development to 'normal' projects
Content:Product lines in nowadays industrial projects
  • Benefits and prerequisites of product line development
  • Relationship of product lines and software engineering
  • Modeling software that contains variability
  • Mechanisms for developing software that contains variability
  • Systematic and generic approach to product line development (Product line practices framework)
Literature:Software Product Lines : Practices and Patterns, P. Clements, L. M. Northrop, Addison Wesley, 2001
  • Software Product Line Engineering: K. Pohl, G. Böckle, F. van der Linden, Springer, 2005
Lecture style / Teaching aids:Seminaristic lecture using slides, books and scientific articles
Responsibility:Ralf Hahn
Released:WS 2017/2018
Offered in WS 19/20:Hahn,R.
Professional competencies:
  • formal, algorithmic, mathematical competencies: low
  • analytical, design and implementation competencies: high
  • technological competencies: high
  • capability for scientific work: low
Interdisciplinary competencies:
  • interdisciplinary expertise: basic economic competence

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