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Module:3D Animation Technologies
Module number:81.2002
Study programme:Bachelor KMI 2021/2014 - Katalog M: Interaktive Medienprodukte
Bachelor KMI 2021 - Wahlpflichtkatalog KMI
Type of course:V+Ü = Lecture+Exercise
Weekly hours:2+1
Credit Points:5
Exam:home work
Registering for examimplicitly by booking
Frequency of offering:(not yet offered)
Learning objectives:On successful completion of these modules students shall be able to:
  • Describe the visual design process with regard to technical aspects as reasonable anatomy
  • Explain the structure of a polygonal mesh
  • Analyze and construct polygonal models in respect of flawless animatability
  • identify, debug possible errors in polygonal mesh-construction
  • describe a node-based software structure
  • explain basic transformation geometry principles used in 3D software packages
  • list and describe basic 3D mechanics principles
  • construct 3D mechanics for organic and mechanic models and simulations
  • work and communicate with artists for whom they have to construct 3D tools and mechanics
  • understand basic design principles
  • Understand and describe the basic tools of cinematography
  • analyzing and describing existing 3D rigging-approaches
  • describe the pipeline of a 3D animation production
  • understand scripting-methods for extending existing software tools
Content:The possible thematic spectrum of these courses is:
  • Designing Characters in respect of feasibility in 3D graphics by using 2D graphic methods
  • Designing Characters in respect of feasibility in 3D graphics by sculpting (maquettes)
  • Designing Characters in respect of feasibility in 3D graphics by digital sculpting
  • Constructing 3D Models in respect of deformability
  • Implementing mechanics to make digital models animatable (rigging)
  • Scripting for 3D programs
  • Basic design principles
  • Foundations of cinematogrphy
Lecture style / Teaching aids:PC with 3D software intalled (software will be announced at beginning of class)
Responsibility:Prof. Carla Heinzel
Released:WS 2016/2017

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