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Course:Scientific Writing in Computer Science 1
Attached to module:
Wissenschaftliches Arbeiten in der Informatik 1 deutsch 30.7322
Module number:30.7324
Study programme:Bachelor 2014 - 3. Semester
Bachelor KMI 2014 - 3. Semester
Type of course:S = Seminar
Weekly hours:2
Credit Points:2.5
Exam:Written composition (70%) and oral presentation (30%)
Registering for examimplicitly by booking
Frequency of offering:each semester (lastly in SS 2022)
Required knowledge:Basic knowledge of the obligatory modules from semesters 1 & 2 on Bachelor level
Learning objectives:On the basic of a topic of the 1st and 2nd year modules in Computer Science, the students are to reach the following learning outcomes:
  • extract key aspects from within a topic
  • perform an independent literature research, including a censored evaluation of the sources
  • decide on the structure of an academic text (seminar paper) in form and content
  • present bring across the key aspects of a topic in form of an oral presentation
  • Basic knowledge of academic activities in Computer Science as well as academic procedures and methods
  • Key features and forms of academic writing
  • Criteria for the evaluation of academic writing
  • Topics in Computer Science from semesters 1 & 2
  • Research, classification and evaluation of scientific literature in Computer Science
  • Formally correct structure of a written paper (style, citation, figures, tables, indexes, etc.)
  • Media-supported presentation techniques
Lecture style / Teaching aids:Seminar, scientific articles, textbooks
Responsibility:Andreas Heinemann
Released:SS 2018
Offered in SS 22:Moore

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