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Course:Computer Architecture
Attached to module:
Rechnerarchitektur deutsch 30.7106
Module numbers:30.7222 [PVL 30.7223]
Study programme:Bachelor 2021 - 2. Semester
Bachelor dual KITS 2021 - 2. Semester
Bachelor dual KoSI 2021 - 2. Semester
Bachelor KMI 2021 - 2. Semester
Type of course:V+P = Lecture+Practical
Weekly hours:3+1
Credit Points:5
Exam:written exam
Registering for examexplicitly and independent of booking
PVL (e.g. Practical):not graded (ungraded practical exercises)
Frequency of offering:each semester (not yet offered)
Required knowledge:Basic knowledge in technical principles of computer science
Learning objectives:The students
  • know the basic principles of organization and architecture for the construction of computer systems.
  • can assess the boundary conditions and limitations of current computer systems
  • are able to understand a machine language, apply it in a system-oriented manner and convert high-level language constructs into machine language.
  • understand the interaction of different hardware and software concepts.
  • Introduction to the history of computers
  • Computer arithmetic
  • Computer organization: hardware operations, hardware operands, representation of commands, control structures
  • Processor: data path, control path, microprogramming, pipelines Hardware Architectures: Von Neumann, Harvard
  • Instruction set architectures using ARM processors as an example
  • Concepts: Subprograms, Stacks, Indirect Addressing, Calling Standards, Implementation of high-level language programing in in assembler
  • Memory organization and memory hierarchies: caches
  • Superskalar architectures
  • Patterson, David A., Henessy, John L.; Computer Architecture, A Quantitative Approach, Morgan Kaufmann, 2017.
  • Tanenbaum, Andrew, S.; Structured Computer Organization, 6th Edition, 2013.
  • Furber, Steve; ARM System-on-Chip Architecture, Addison-Wesley, 2000.
Lecture style / Teaching aids:Seminaristic lecture with seminar and laboratory. Resources include lecture notes, example programs and software tools.
Responsibility:Thomas Horsch
Released:WS 2022/2023

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