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Course:IT-Law / Data Protection Law
Attached to module:
IT-Recht und Datenschutz deutsch 30.7214
Module number:30.7218
Study programme:Bachelor 2014 - 2. Semester
Bachelor dual KESS 2014 - 1. Semester
Bachelor dual KITS 2014 - 1. Semester
Bachelor dual KoSI 2014 - 1. Semester
Bachelor KMI 2014 - 4. Semester
Type of course:V = Lecture
Weekly hours:2
Credit Points:2.5
Exam:written exam
Registering for examexplicitly and independent of booking
Frequency of offering:each semester (lastly in WS 2020/2021)
Learning objectives:A. IT Law:
The students learn the fundamentals of IT law and intellectual property, including common license models, the possible utilizations of software and related services, as well as the risks for law enforcement. They know the appropriate contract forms and the import points for regulation.

B. Data Protection Law:
The learning outcomes are the basic knowledge of data privacy laws in IT
(BDSG, TMG), the ability to independently solve simple cases and the familiarity with special questions in the application of data privacy laws in cases of electronic data processing (Cloud Computing, Social Media, international data transfer). In addition, the students are able to understand and apply basic principles of IT-security (§ 9 BDSG).
Content:A. IT Law
  • Fundamentals of civil law and law enforcement: contract law, penal provisions regarding intellectual property, strategy of law enforcement
  • Intellectual property, with focus on software and IT: copyright law, patents, trademark law, Know-How, licensing law and contract design: proprietarily permissible articles for software licensing (Eula, prohibitions of dissemination), laws with respect to general terms and conditions of business, design leeway.
B. Data Protection Law:
  • Fundamental terms and basic principles of data protection law
  • Data protection in public/non-public areas
  • Data protection in courses of business/operational data protection/operational data security officers
  • Rights of affected parties
  • Data protection in e-commerce with current use cases
Literature:Chiampi-Ohly, Diana: SoftwareRecht: Von der Entwicklung zum Export; Fachhochschulverlag Frankfurt a.M., 2.A. Frankfurt a.M. 2013;
Gola, Peter, Reif, Yvette: Praxisfälle Datenschutzrecht, Datakontext Verlag, 1. A. Heidelberg 2013;
Härting, Niko: Internetrecht, Dr. Otto Schmidt Verlag, 4.A. Köln 2012;
Redeker, Helmut: IT-Recht, C.H. Beck Verlag, 5.A. München 2012;
Taeger, Jürgen: Einführung in das Datenschutzrecht, Fachmedien Recht und Wirtschaft Verlag, 1.A. München 2013.
Lecture style / Teaching aids:Legislative texts: BDSG, TMG, BGB, UrhG
Responsibility:Thomas Wilmer
Released:SS 2016

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