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Module:Advanced Systems Programming
Module numbers:30.2650 [PVL 30.2651; Module 30.26500]
Study programme:Bachelor 2021 - Wahlpflichtkatalog I
Bachelor dual KITS 2021 - Wahlpflichtkatalog I
Bachelor dual KoSI 2021 - Wahlpflichtkatalog I
Bachelor KMI 2021 - Wahlpflichtkatalog I
Bachelor 2014 - Katalog I: Anwendungs- und systemorientierte Module
Bachelor dual KoSI 2014 - Katalog I: Anwendungs- und systemorientierte Module
Bachelor KMI 2014 - Katalog I: Anwendungs- und systemorientierte Module
Type of course:V+P = Lecture+Practical
Weekly hours:2+2
Credit Points:5
Exam:written exam
Registering for examexplicitly and independent of booking
PVL (e.g. Practical):graded (benotet [Erfolgreiche Teilnahme am Praktikum: Die Prüfungsvorleistung ist erbracht worden, wenn die benoteten Praktikumsabgaben - Übungsaufgaben und ein Projekt in Kleingruppen - mit Note 4.0 oder besser bestanden wurden])
PVL percentage:50%
Frequency of offering:each year (lastly in WS 2021/2022)
Required knowledge:
  • Experience with modern C++ development (C++17)
  • Experience writing native software under Linux
Learning objectives:The students are able to understand, design and implement hardware-efficient systems software. Students will learn the fundamentals of a modern systems programming language (Rust) and how it compares to the widely used systems programming language C++. Students will understand how to balance performance, safety and maintainability while writing systems software. By focusing on two different systems programming languages, good programming skills and a deep
understanding of common systems programming concepts are encouraged.
  • What is Systems Programming and how does it compare to Application Programming?
  • Zero-overhead abstractions in C++ and Rust and how they help to write fast, readable and maintainable code
  • The fundamentals of memory management and memory safety
  • Error handling concepts in C++ and Rust for writing robust systems software
  • System level I/O and Network Programming
  • Fearless concurrency
  • Profiling and tracing: How to measure, evaluate and tweak performance
  • Tools for developing, debugging and maintaining systems software
Students will gain extensive hands-on experience in systems programming by analyzing open-source code and developing their own systems in the lab.
  • Computer systems: a programmer's perspective. Vol.3 - Bryant, R. E., David Richard, O. H.
  • The Rust Programming Language - Steve Klabnik, Carol Nichols
  • A Tour of C++ (2nd Edition) - Bjarne Stroustrup
Responsibility:Stefan Rapp
Released:WS 2021/2022

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