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Module:Advanced Web Development
Module number:30.2630
Study programme:Bachelor 2014 - Katalog I: Anwendungs- und systemorientierte Module
Bachelor dual KoSI 2014 - Katalog I: Anwendungs- und systemorientierte Module
Bachelor KMI 2014 - Katalog I: Anwendungs- und systemorientierte Module
Type of course:VP = Lecture with integrated Practical
Weekly hours:4
Credit Points:5
Exam:Homework, project, colloquium etc. - Details will be announced at the start of the lecture.
Registering for examimplicitly by booking
Frequency of offering:each year (not yet offered)
Required knowledge:Basic knowledge at bachelor level of development of web-based applications as well as a certain understanding of programming in general, algorithms and data structures
Learning objectives:The students are familiar with the current tools in different areas of a web application.
They are able to use frameworks and technologies and combine them reasonably with each other to develop a high quality state-of-the-art web application. Furthermore, they improve their skills to work in a team.
  • REST
  • current server-side frameworks including database connection
  • current client-side frameworks
  • innovations in CSS and ECMAScript
  • responsive design and current libraries for implementation
  • unit testing of the server-side and client-side modules
  • automated UI testing
  • build tools, continuous integration, versioning
Literature:Current, suitable literature will be announced at the beginning of the lecture.
Responsibility:Ute Trapp
Released:SS 2020
Interdisciplinary competencies:
  • interdisciplinary expertise: basic technical and natural scientific competence

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