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Module:Automotive Security
Module numbers:30.2616 [PVL 30.2617; Module 30.26160]
Study programme:Bachelor 2021 - Wahlpflichtkatalog I
Bachelor dual KITS 2021 - Wahlpflichtkatalog ITS
Bachelor dual KITS 2021 - Wahlpflichtkatalog I
Bachelor dual KoSI 2021 - Wahlpflichtkatalog I
Bachelor KMI 2021 - Wahlpflichtkatalog I
Bachelor 2014 - Katalog I: Anwendungs- und systemorientierte Module
Bachelor dual KESS 2014 - Katalog ESS: Embedded Systems
Bachelor dual KITS 2014 - Katalog ITS: IT-Sicherheit
Bachelor dual KoSI 2014 - Katalog I: Anwendungs- und systemorientierte Module
Bachelor KMI 2014 - Katalog I: Anwendungs- und systemorientierte Module
Type of course:V+S+P = Lecture+Seminar+Practical
Weekly hours:2+1+1
Credit Points:5
Exam:written exam
Registering for examexplicitly and independent of booking
PVL (e.g. Practical):graded (graded seminar paper)
PVL percentage:30%
Frequency of offering:inactive
Required knowledge:IT-Security, Operating Systems, Networking
Learning objectives:The students
  • are familiar with automotive systems, the threat landscape, and challenges for implementing security and privacy mechanisms
  • can perform threat analysis, risk assessment, and risk treatment systematically
  • are able to develop a security architecture for automotive systems using state-of-the-art automotive hardware and software security and privacy mechanisms
  • Overview of vehicles and attack surfaces
  • Secure System Design: Threat Analysis, Risk Assessment, Risk Treatment
  • Automotive Hardware Security: Microcontroller and Microprocessor security, Hardware Security Modules
  • Automotive Software Security: Automotive OS security (e.g., AUTOSAR classic, AUTOSAR Adaptive Platform), application security
  • Security Mechanisms and Protocols: Secure/Authenticated Boot, Remote Attestation, Secure Diagnostics, Over The Air (OTA) Update, Theft/Component Protection, Memory Protection Unit (MPU), Resource Isolation (Memory, CPU etc.), Secure Storage, Secure Flashing etc.
  • Secure Onboard Communication: Securing bus systems (e.g., CAN, LIN, FlexRay, Automotive Ethernet), AUTOSAR SecOC
  • Vehicle2X Security: IEEE 802.11p, Bluetooth, WiFi, 3G/4G/5G, OBD-2
  • Security of electric vehicles: ISO/IEC 15118, OCPP etc.
  • Automotive security standards and legislation: ISO/IEC 21434, SAE J3061, GDPR
  • Craig Smith, The Car Hacker's Handbook, A Guide for the Penetration Tester, 2006 http://ope​ngarages.o​rg/handboo​k/ebook/​
  • SAE J3061 Cybersecurity Guidebook for Cyber-Physical Vehicle Systems
  • ISO/IEC 27001: Information Security Management System
  • ISO/IEC 11889: Trusted Platform Module
  • C. Miller and C. Valasek. A survey of remote automotive attack surfaces. DEF CON, 2014.
  • S. Checkoway et al. Comprehensive experimental analyses of automotive attack surfaces. Proceedings of the 20th USENIX conference on Security (SEC'11).
  • Recent scientific literature
Lecture style / Teaching aids:Seminaristic lecture with practical and seminar / lecture slides, advanced literature
Responsibility:Christoph Krauß
Released:SS 2019

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