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Module Description
Module:Culture and Language I
Course number:36.3552
Study programme:JIM 2006 - Language and Culture
Master 2006 - Wahlfächer außerhalb des Studienprogramms
Type of course:S = Seminar
Weekly hours:4
Credit Points:5
Exam:Homework (directed study) - oral presenation, oral final exam; Class Participation, Presentation, Research Paper and Examination; Homework 50%, oral presentation 30%, oral final exam 20%
Registering for examimplicitly by booking
PVL (e.g. Practical):Continuous class participation
Frequency of offering:inactive
Required knowledge:English is language of course; ability to follow and take part in discussions in English and to do research and prepare presentation and paper in English.
Goal:Goal is to become more adapt and comfortable in using English in classroom situations and at the same time learn about "what makes Americans and Australians tick - and how do Germans tick". Students will become more familiar with cultural diversity in general and specifics of the country they will be studying in. They will be encouraged to recognize those areas where cultural differences can be a mine field and how to handle them. Students are to use English not only as "Fachsprache" but as a way to communicate feelings and emotions and to understand that "small talk" is considered an art in the countries they will be studying in. The aim is to learn about the way society and government are organized in order to profit as fully as possible from the semester abroad.
Content:Comparison of government systems and economies: Germany/U.S.A./Australia. Choice of subject for presentation and paper. Insights into culture in target countries. Social structures and inter-personal relationships.
Literature:Texts and articles will be provided by instructor.
Lecture style / Teaching aids:Lecture - seminar - literature work
Seminar/participation in discussions/presentation. ...-Should it prove necessary, English grammar will be revised with script.
Special team:Soziale und kulturelle Aspekte der Informatik

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